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'British Airways Increase In Family Holidays From Gatwick'

British Airways has seen a 10% increase in family bookings from Gatwick Airport compared to last year.  That is set to increase for the rest of the summer as well. 
Florida is proving the most popular destination for BA from Gatwick in the school holidays. They currently offer 14 flights a week to Tampa and Orlando.
Over the past two years, the airport has instigated a number of family friendly initiatives which have led to the 10% increase. They include: family check-in, seat choices 24 hours before departure, a new Friendly scheme launched by the Family and Parenting Institute, assistance lanes to help families with buggies extra help through security and kids zones in departure lounges to take some of the stress from parents away. 
So if you are contemplating a family holiday away this summer, don’t just think about the destination, contemplate the family friendly Gatwick Airport for your departure.


'£750,000 Worth of Fake Designer Clothes Seized'

£750,000 worth of counterfeit designer clothing has been seized at Stansted Airport by the UK Border Agency as part of a month-long campaign. Officers seized around 15,000 times. The items had been flown in from Turkey as freight. No-one has been arrested.


Taxi Driver Protests Cause Agro in Athens'

Taxi drivers in Greece are protesting against a lift of restrictions on issuing taxi licences. It is an attempt by the government to open up more than 140 closed ship professions.
With the news came a 48 hour strike which has blocked roads leading to Athens International Airport and Piraeous Port. The strikes coming at a dreadful time in the peak of the summer season.
The license fee used to be €80,000 and the new fee is just €3,000. Greece already has a higher ratio of taxis to residents than other European Capitals. All these factors are making it quite clear why the taxi drivers are on strike! 


'Airport Security Overhaul by the Government'

The Government have set out new procedures to stop passengers from having to remove shoes, keys and phones before boarding a plane.

The new regulations are an attempt to speed up boarding times and cut costs. In effect giving the airports more freedom to deicde which security procedures are appropriate, given the level of risk.

The new procedures come during a push by the coaltition governmentto lower airport security as they fear they have become too dogmatic ever since the Lockerbie bombing and World Trade Centre attacks.



'Bin Laden Use Wife as Human Shield'

OSAMA Bin Laden died as a coward after using one of his wives as a human shield, it emerged last night.

Osama Bin Laden was shot through the eye and chest during a raid by US special forces. He died alongside his wife, son and two aides.

US intelligence had traced the terror chief to a high-walled mansion in Pakistan and an elite unit was sent in on Sunday night with orders to kill.

Four Black Hawk helicopters flew a team of 24 US Navy Seals to carry out the daring attack on Bin Laden’s secret compound in Abbottabad.

After being identified by a woman – believed to be his youngest wife Amal al-Sadah – the terror chief was shot in the head and chest while firing an automatic weapon at the US commandos.

John Brennan, US counter terrorism adviser, told a White House press conference: “The woman killed was Bin Laden’s wife. She served as a shield.



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